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Boise Greenbelt Thrift Store Photoshoot body positiveHave you heard of body positivity?? It is the feminist movement that says bodies are good. ALL bodies. Lets talk about some things I have learned over the last few years growing in the body positive movement!


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This is the basic idea of being body positive! All bodies are good bodies. This means the skinny, fat, sick, healthy, young and old bodies are all good. Furthermore,  they all do amazing things for us. My body is fat, yet I can still ride a bike, prepare a meal, practice yoga and so on. My body is here for me and most of all it is good!

Being Body Positive should be a HUGE part of feminism

Hey, loving yourself as you are is the biggest thing a feminist can do for herself and for others! I am in a place where I am married, have kids and work outside of the home and I am fat. That doesn’t make me any more or less valuable than someone who is skinny and stays home with her kids, or fat and doesn’t have kids. Whatever. We are all feminists and we all advance the cause in our own way. Adding body positivity to your feminist ideal is a strong move towards intersectionality of the feminist movement.

Everyone has a different perspective

I look at being body positive one way and you will probably look at it another way. This is because of our body history. Have we always been fat or skinny? Did we have a significant change in our body? Did we get picked on in some way for the way our body looks or functions? All of these things and more change how we perceive body positivity and how we can adjust our thinking to be more positive when it comes to our bodies and others.

Everyone is at a different point in their journey

Not all of us joined the movement at the same time. As a result we are all progressing on our body positive journey at different rates. I no longer speak to myself or others in poor body language and have good internal dialogue about bodies. Someone just starting their journey may just be learning to love their body as it is. Part of being a body positive feminist is to help encourage and build up other people on their journey towards body positivity.

To grow, surround yourself with like minded people

I have spent a lot of time with other body positive people, as a result of this time I have grown as a body positive feminist . Since the body positive movement is growing you can find a lot of groups and events online full of other body positive people. Some of the most important for me were the movie Embrace, The Boise Rad Fat Collective and the body positive yoga at Zen Riot!


Are you interested in a journey to body positivity? Find some other people to join you on your journey and make a community of self love! Start small by joining the Rad Fat Collective, or finding a body positive group in your area to join! If you would like to shop in a body positive environment you can join my VIP group too!

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