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How Do I Do It: OOTD Photos

I take a lot of Outfit of the Day (OOTD) photos. A lot. OOTD photos can be time consuming when you do them by yourself… and you end up with lots of them that you don’t like.Tami Selfie Thrift Store Sarah Carly Leggings

I cannot tell you how many photos I have deleted because my eyes were closing or something looked funny when I hit the shutter release or the timer on the camera was done. It would take me forever to come up with one photo I liked enough to post.

Until I discovered the way that makes it all so easy.

Take a selfie video!!

Get ready for some affiliate links, mkay! This means, I get paid when you buy stuff from them… kind of like a referral bonus. 

Tami Selfie Thrift Store Sarah Carly LeggingsWhat do you need? You need your cell phone, on the back camera (it is better than the front camera usually) and set to video. You also need a tripod and whatever lighting works for you. I use this Ring Light which includes a tripod attachment and this mount for my cell phone.




Put your cell in the tripod and press record, move in front of the camera, strike poses and change it up every 5 seconds or so.Tami Thrift Store Selfie

Once you have posed enough, stop the video and review it… you will then take screenshots of the poses you love and have a bunch of super cute (or ridiculous) OOTD photos to post on your blog, Instagram or where ever!

Tami Selfie Sarah Carly Leggings
Super Cute Selfie with Carly, Sarah and some Leggings… Boots from Target


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