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Bullet Journal for Social MediaWell, something happened the other day that I did not expect! I was super excited and posted about my bullet journal layout I made for my social media planning in a social media group I am in. The post went crazy… the admin of the group shared it into the larger group and people were asking for my secrets! So, here is how I use my bullet journal to plan for my social media week!

I use this journal… but this one is fun too! And I may be ordering this one for other things;)

I do have one bullet journal JUST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. I have another smaller one I use for schedules and to do lists and such and a third moleskine that I use bullet journal style for training notes etc. I have found this to be the easiest way for me to keep everything straight and avoid spending time searching through one book to find some small thing I wrote at a training months ago… Now I know to go to the training BuJo and find the washi tape for the trainer who did the training (I take a lot from the same 3 people) and then I can easily find that information! We will talk more about those BuJo’s in other blog posts:)

Bullet Journal in Planning Stages Social Media Thrift Store Instagram FacebookSo, social media. I run this blog and I run a business with a largish social media presence. I needed a way I could keep track of some stuff, like which blog posts I was planning on writing, what I am posting to Instagram, what photos I need to take etc. I kept just making lists while using the bullet journal in my scheduling of other things. I tried a few content calendars, a few business planners and trying to integrate it into my normal schedule (which was a MESS). Nothing quite did what I needed it to do, so I went with a BuJo. I though about what I wanted — an Instagram grid planner, a Facebook group planner for the different types of posts, a blog post list, various to do type lists and I wanted it to fit all on one page. I spent some time sketching out what that would look like and then I took the plunge and made it work!

I have a section for planning my Instagram posts. I do three posts a day and have it set up in a grid when you view my Instagram profile. The planner is set up so I can see that grid, the kind of post that is going to be done and any special theme’s or hashtags I want to use.

I have a section for my Facebook group for my business. This has planned out posts — I do 4Bullet Journal in Planning Stages Social Media Thrift Store Instagram Facebook types of posts Lifestyle ones, promotional, engagement and purposeful. These are all a take on the social media training by Brenda Ster of the Sassy Suite! Start with her free eBook and go from there:) I cannot recommend the Hostess Coaching or Attraction Marketing video training enough… and all of them really. But both of those are a good starting point:) I post anywhere from 3-10 times a day in my group depending on the day… Thursday through Sunday tend to be on the higher side because that is when I am posting outfits, styling tips etc.

I have a section for the blog posts I want to write. I have this blog for plus size fashion and shit and then a micro-blog over on Sassy Direct for Thrift Store related blog posts. I try and get at least one each week in each spot…

Then I have the lists of things to do. Since I am always making graphics and taking specific photos I have those separate and then a generic to do list.

Do you BuJo? How do you keep track of things in your life? Or is the thought of this just too much organization for you? Also, do you want to learn more?? Come join our BuJo group for Direct Sellers:)



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  • CharmedCeleste

    June 8, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    I love this idea! I am curious about how far in advance do you make all your graphics and posts? Do you batch them weekly or work on them every day?

    1. Tami

      June 8, 2017 at 10:36 pm

      Kind of a combo of both:) I do a BUNCH on Sunday, but a few things wait until later in the week due to schedule or when something is happening that I can get a photo of it. Most of it is done on Sunday though:)

      1. CharmedCeleste

        June 9, 2017 at 10:15 pm


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