Bullet Journal for Training Notes

Bullet Journal for Training

Bullet Journal for Training Notes Join us for more in our fund group www.unicornsinmycoffee.com/bujo

Last week we talked social media bullet journals, this week it is all about using a bullet journal for training notes!

As direct sellers, we take a lot of professional development courses. Training calls and conventions and videos from our company, training from our uplines and other training we seek out. It can be overwhelming at times! I found that I would get motivated, inspired and walk out of the training ready to do more only to get home and in my business and forget everything I had learned in a few days! Nothing new was implemented and I forgot all of those aha moments I had. I started trying to take notes, but I was taking too many notes and losing the main points of the training in all of the little details I was writing down. Enter bullet journaling! I began using a modified bullet journal for training I attended and Bullet Journal to use with Direct Sales Trainingeverything changed!

How do I do it?? Well, I set up a bullet journal page as the training begins with a title, who the speakers are, maybe where I am listening to the training and anything else I feel is important:) Then I divide the rest of the page down the middle in two parts — one for “Ah-Ha” moments and one for action items. As I am listening to the training or participating in the training I can add the inspiring things to my ah-ha moments and the things I need or want to do on my action items list. This also helps with those squirrels that pop into your head at any given time… in the middle of a training if I think “oh, I need to grab some poster board for the kids school project today” I can write that down on my action items so it gets out of my head and I can again focus on the training in front of me:)

What works for you when it comes to training and keeping track of notes and other information you need to remember? Come join us over in our BuJo group… we have a lot of fun and are all pretty awesome!

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