Dia & Co Box Review: Box 1

I have been jealously eyeing all of my smaller friends who have been able to get stitch fix for a while and wanting something for myself too! Enter Dia & Co, the style box for plus sizes! I tried it out to tell you about it:) This is my Dia & Co Box Review for my first box!

The Dia & Co sign up was pretty easy compared to Stitch Fix (Stitch Fix wanted a lot more information, I am still waiting for my first box from them). Dia & Co asked a few questions about size and style and then sent me off to order a box. The first box arrived within a week (Stitch Fix is 3 weeks out from sign up I think). Here is my video I made when I opened the box!


The first things I tried on were the Boy Friend Shorts by Kut From the Kloth and the Swak¬†brand Cynthia Tie Side Tee. I liked how the shorts fit, they were just a little low in the rise — I tend to go for higher rise pants, these shorts hit me right above my waist, but below where I normally wear pants. I liked the length of the shorts and the fold on the bottom too:) The shirt was not my style as I said in the original video… Still not my style:) Though the fit was pretty good!

Dia&Co Style Box Outfit SWAK and Kut From The Kloth Plus Size Clothing

Next I added the Devoted brand Elizabeth Embroidered Blouse. I liked this until I got it on! It was much tighter than I anticipated it being and there were cutouts on the arms (a fashion trend I wish would go away!!) I did like the design, just not the cut or the open arms. Dia&Co Style Box Outfit Kut From The Cloth and DEvoted Plus Size Clothing

Next I paired the Embroidered Top with the Rawan Brand Skinny Jeans and the Drop Necklace. I love the necklace, but paired with the strings on the front of the embroidered top, it was not a good mix… The necklace got lost in those strings! Something to think about when making recommendations Dia&Co stylist:) And the jeans, the number said 20, but holy crap those things were tight and not in the skinny jeans are tight kind of way, in the I needed to go up 3-4 sizes kind of way! I eventually was able to button them, but they were so uncomfortable, I only had them on for a hot minute and did not get a photo.Dia&Co Style Box Review Rawan DEvoted Plus Size Clothing

So, for the first box, it was ok:) I know there are some kinks to work out and I left a bunch of feedback — another cool thing you can do when you try on all the things. I kept the Pendant and sent back the rest. Total cost was $28. I have another box coming soon and I am waiting for stitch fix, we will see how they compare!! If you would like to try Dia&Co click here!

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