Chunky Dunk Photoshoot

Chunky Dunk Photoshoot Boise Rad Fat collectiveA few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege to participate in the a Chunky Dunk Photoshoot with the Boise Rad Fat Collective! We all got together for some food, swimming and to have a body positive space to wear our swimsuits!

Chunky Dunk Photoshoot Boise Rad Fat collective

Ranging from teeny tiny bikinis to swim dresses, the variety of suits was amazing and really brought to light the increase in availability of plus sized swimwear! I loved seeing all of the fun designs and the confidence radiating from these women. They felt beautiful and you could tell!!

I wore this red polka dot strapless number that I love! It is my favorite swimsuit. Had you asked me a few years ago if I would wear anything less than a swim dress the answer would be no. If you had told me I would enjoy wearing a swimsuit, I would have laughed so hard!

I bought my first fatkini this year too:) I love the confidence I feel when I wear something that makes me feel sexy and beautiful! And this bathing suit does that for me.

Have you tried out a fatkini or swimsuit this year that you love?? Mine is from Torrid, it is no longer available, but this one is the same cut, just a different design!!!

Why did we do this Chunky Dunk and photoshoot?? Well, it was the 4 year anniversary of the Boise Rad Fat Collective and the 2 year anniversary of Amy Pence-Brown’s Stand for Self Love in the Capital City Market!

Come over and join her amazing body positive space on Facebook! We do amazing things like body positive book clubs and chunky dunks and clothing exchanges!

Photos courtesy of Conspire Photography!

Chunky Dunk Photoshoot Boise Rad Fat collectiveChunky Dunk Photoshoot Boise Rad Fat collectiveChunky Dunk Photoshoot Boise Rad Fat collective

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  • Jamie Borge

    September 14, 2017 at 10:40 am

    I wish I could have been there, but I was rocking my bikini in Oregon that weekend. I love your suit, but I’m suspicious of ANYTHING that states: “Fits all cup sizes!” My 40H girls have proved that wrong time and time again! lol

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