Feeding a Unicorn and My Other Favorite Things

I have been saying for weeks that I will be writing at least one weekly post with my favorite things from that week… but I am just getting around to it at least 2 months later. Hopefully this is like anything else in life and once I get it done one time, it will be easier to get it done the next time. So… what are my favorite things this week?? Well, I have 5 of them since I love alliteration so much! Here are my Five Friday Favs this week:)

Unicorn Blend Coffee Java Momma

First up is my favorite blend of Java Momma coffee… You guessed it, it is the Unicorn Blend. Made with the beans from four magical medium roast coffees, the Unicorn blend is the one you will love forever. Smooth and robust, perfect in all brewing methods and it smells like coffee should smell — delicious!! I have had no other coffee this week since receiving my Unicorn Blend in the mail!!


The Style Box from Love Delphine Boutique… Guys. We ordered this for Hannah (she has been a little jealous of my Stitch Fixes) and can I say I am blown away!! Vanessa got her, she hit everything right the first time and Hannah is in LOVE with her new clothing and jewelry!! If you have been wanting something styled for you — Vanessa is the girl for you! And… she sources ethical, USA made, eco-friendly and second hand clothing & jewelry¬†for her boutique and style boxes. I might be a little jealous of Hannah’s new unicorn shirt…


The book Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy. We are reading this for a body positive book club and I just got mine this week!! I love the writing so far and I cannot wait to discuss it with my friends:)



The Killer Bunnies Game!! We grabbed this at a local consignment sale for kids and are in love:) Just the right amount of friendly competition to really get our game playing flowing!! Anyone else super competitive with board games? Just our family? Ok!


Tami feeding a UnicornAnd finally… I am loving Farmstead for all of our family fun this month:) In fact.. We are heading out there after dinner tonight for some fun and a haunted maze!! And… I got to feed a Unicorn there!!







What are your favorite things this week??


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