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November Thankfulness All Year Long

Bullet Journal Gratitude Logs from easy to more complex! Come see how I do it, some of my other favs and join in on our Thankfulness Challenge!

I love the November Thankfulness posts that fill up my Facebook Newsfeed. Something about people being intentionally thankful for the things in their lives is just inspiring. That is one of the reasons I love my bullet journal, I can add in that Bullet Journal Gratitude Log to have November Thankfulness all year long!!! I am going to show you some of my personal layouts, some of my favorites I want to try and more for a bit of Thankfulness inspiration! And we are doing a fun Thankfulness Challenge in my group this month… So you should come join us over there too!

My Bullet Journal Gratitude Log

This is the layout I use A LOT. I love the simplicity of it. I love the space it gives me to write a quick thing and I love the room at the bottom for memories! I do this layout on the page opposite of my Monthly cover page:)

Novmber Bullet Journal Gratitude Log

Another Bullet Journal Gratitude Log

I have used this layout in the past too! This one is a rainbow for Pride Month! I didn’t love how tight the writing had to be — I felt like I was cramping it in there, but it looks pretty!

June Pride Bullet Journal Gratitude Log

How others do the Gratitude Log in their Bullet Journal

When you head over to Pinterest you can find lots of other ideas for your bullet journal gratitude log! These are some of my personal favorites!!

I love this sunshine layout! It is super fun and would be easy to do and dress up your own way!


This one is fun and simple! I love the list aspect and the room for two pages in a layout:)


This one is super similar to my favorite layout! But it takes two pages and offers a little more room to write in!


For those of you wanting a more minimalist style this gratitude log would be perfect!



Are you ready for a month of gratitude and thankfulness?? Come over and join our thankfulness challenge in my Bullet Journal Group!

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