10 Awesome Uses for Washi Tape

10 Uses for Washi Tape

10 Awesome Uses for Washi Tape

We all know I collect Washi Tape, but I also happen to use it quite a bit! So, since so many of you have begun your Washi Tape obsession because of mine, I thought I would share all the ways I use Washi Tape!

  1. I love to use Washi Tape in my Bullet Journal of course! My favorite way is as an index and divider system! I choose a Washi Tape print for each section of my Bullet Journal and then I can easily find what I am looking for!
    Washi Tape Bullet Journal

2. I love to use Washi Tape to coverup some oops in my Bullet Journal too! I make a mistake, I grab some Washi Tape and cover it up. Then it looks like I put it there on purpose;)WAshi Tape for Errors

3. I use Washi Tape when I make some crafts! We are going to have a video in my group on Friday with some easy Washi Tape crafts!! Come join us over there!!

4. I love to use Washi Tape in decor!! I have it all over my office to brighten up the room.I use Washi Tape to make super quick cards! A few strips and some folds and I have a personalized card for a friend!

Washi Tape Office Decor

5. Washi Tape is great to use when you need to brighten up a notebook or other drab surface! I used it with this notebook at work — the white was so boring:)Washi Tape Notebook

6. Washi Tape can also help with organization outside of the bullet journal. Check out the fun system I have for pens and keeping them organized with Washi Tape!

Washi Tape Color Coding PensAnd this fun one with a calendar I made for my work site visit schedule!Washi Tape Calendar on White Board

7. I love my rolls of Washi Tape as decor in my office too! Like yarn, thread, ribbon and other craft supplies, Washi Tape looks great when put in a fun container on a desk or shelf!
Washi Tape in Jar

8. Washi Tape can be used to make fast and personalized gifts! This is a plain notebook I dressed up with some floral Washi Tape to give to a friend along with some pens and other trinkets!
Washi Tape Notebook

9. Another use for Washi Tape is to make quick note cards! A bit of card stock, some Washi Tape and you have a last minute card for any occasion!!
Washi Tape Note Cards

10. And finally… you can use Washi Tape to tape things in place! Novel idea… using tape to hold things!

Washi Tape to Hang Notes


I hope everyone learned something new with my fun Washi Tape activities round up!! Remember to come over and join the fun for a tutorial this week on some other easy Washi Tape crafts!!!

Don’t have enough Washi Tape for all of these new fun projects?? Come over to my Amazon Influencer Page and check out what I am loving right at this moment (and check out some of the things I use to organize my Washi Tape!).

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