Bullet Journal Paper

Bullet Journal Paper

We are talking paper over on the blog today and in my group this week. Come over and join us for some fun info and some fun times!! www.blametami.com #bulletjournal #paper #bujo #planner
We are talking paper over on the blog today and in my group this week. Come over and join us for some fun info and some fun times!! www.blametami.com #bujo #bulletjournal #journal

We are talking paper over on the blog today and in my group this week. Come over and join us for some fun info and some fun times!! www.blametami.com
Well… it is time to talk Paper. Specifically, paper for your Bullet Journal. Do you sit looking at all of the options for your bullet journal and get totally OVERWHELMED?? A lot of people do! Let’s break it down a little bit and look at some of the paper options! So, let’s dig into Bullet Journal Paper!!


Talking paper and bullet journals on my blog and in my group this week! Come and join us! www.blametami.com #unicornsinmycoffee First, you have to decide what binding option you are going with. There are really two options — spiral bound or book bound. People who prefer a flat book need to go spiral bound (which are more difficult to find) and everyone else can just jump on the book bound bandwagon. The secret third option is disc bound — you cannot find disc bound BuJo’s, but you can put together one with some parts and a punch! But, that is a post for another time!

Once you pick your binding option you can decide what the paper print you want is. The most common choice is dot grid. The dot grid gives you some guides for drawing in your bullet journal without being too obtrusive. You can also go the full

We are discussion Bullet Journal paper in the group this week! Come join us for that and more!! www.blametami.com #unicornsinmycoffee #bujo #bulletjournal

grid route, or blank paper.

Have you made a few choices?? Or are you still trying to decide? While you think on it, let’s talk the weight of the paper! This is the MOST important to me and many other people. I prefer a heavy weight paper in my bullet journal to avoid pen ink bleeding. Even the pens that say they don’t bleed will bleed through thin paper! (We talked pens last week — check it out!)



Paper is kind of sorted by weight. The most common way you will see paper in bullet journals marked is with GSM, or the “Grams per Square Meter.” The higher the GSM, the heavier the paper. Usually the more expensive bullet journals will have a heavier weight paper — but not always, so it is important to read the description if the weight of the paper matters to you! You might also see weight mentioned in lb. This is different that GSM. For example a 60gsm paper is around 16lb. But, a 60lb paper is around 89gsm.

First up we have the bullet journals many people in our group buy. These bullet journals are 60lb, or around 89gsm and do have quite a bit of bleeding with sharpies and a lot of show through with other “non-bleeding” pens. These are great as a beginner’s bullet journal, at only $9 it is not that expensive if you mess up, decide it is not for you and so on!

Next up is the Moleskine books — these have a lighter weight paper, but they cost more than the Get Shit Done books! At 70lbs/47gsm there is more bleeding with the Moleskine than the above book! Which I will say was honestly surprising to me when I figured this out… I have always loved Moleskine books — I had just never used them with “markers” until I started dabbling in BuJo.

Ok, another popular bullet journal book is Leuchtturm1917. The Leuchtturm1917 is 80 gsm/55lb, so right around the top journal and they are super nice! When you look around the bullet journal community, many people use the Leuchtturm (I have not tried one yet).

My new personal favorite are the Rhodia books! They have a 90gsm/61lbs, so the highest so far! I love how little the ink shows through on them and they come in notepads too — which I take apart to use in a disc bound bullet journal!

We keep going up and up in the GSM. This blackwing book is 100gsm/68lbs. The paper in this will be NICE and probably not bleed at all, no matter what you use I think!

And finally we have this gorgeous Nuuna Voyager book… which is on it’s way to my house right this minute. The 120gsm/81lb paper sounds like it would be a dream to write on. And the soft cover. I have dreams about notebooks like this. I will probably dream about it tonight knowing it will soon be in my hands. So pretty.


Well… that is all I have for the blog today. But, if you want to see all of this paper in action — come on over to my group! We are talking pen bleed and I will be going live to show you how much certain papers bleed when used with a sharpie and some other pens!

Do you have more questions on bullet journal supplies?? Check out the handy bullet journal toolbox!!

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