Did you know that Unicorns can help you feel better?? Well, these can for sure! Check it out!! And read more on my blog www.unicornsinmycoffee.com

Germs and Unicorns

Do you ever wish Unicorns could work some magic and help you feel better?? Well, these Unicorns can! www.unicornsinmycoffee.com

Have you ever spent a holiday sick? Well, a lot of people I know spent Christmas a little, or a lot, under the weather. I have been battling a cold, and totally lost my voice for several days much to the delight of my children, but I am getting better! What does this have to do with Unicorns you might ask… Well, germs and unicorns do go together, I think! Unicorns can brighten up any day — sick day or not — and I found a few fun things to help with the sick days!!

First up we have this amazing Unicorn Diffuser… that shoots the mist out of the horn of the unicorn. You read right. The mist from the diffused oils to help make you feel better shoots out of the Unicorn horn. That would have been much more enjoyable to look at than my boring diffuser when I was standing over it breathing in the mist of pepermint oil to help open up my lungs today!! So, it will make you smile, and help you feel better!

Elodie Unicorn Room Diffuser

The other thing I do when I have a cold is drink hot toddies… lots of them. Hot toddies are tea, honey, lemon and whiskey. I drink them at night before bed. The honey and lemon help soothe the throat, the steam from the tea helps clear your nose up and the whiskey helps you sleep… and relaxes your muscles so maybe you don’t cough as much? I don’t know. I am not a Doctor. These are just things that work for me. So, please don’t take this as medical advice!! Anyway — these hot toddies are already pretty enjoyable, but they would be EVEN BETTER with this Unicorn Tea Set. WHAT?!?!?!?! Yes, a Unicorn Tea Set to match my new Unicorn Diffuser. It’s a good thing I have Christmas money to spend.

Elodie Unicorn Teapot SetAnd finally… There is a matching Ramen Bowl. WHAT??? How did they know I need a Unicorn Ramen Bowl to hold my ramen, which always makes me feel better when I am sick. Not the 19 cent ramen from the store. Good ramen, with a miso soup base and lots of things in it like mushrooms, and eggs and spicy things. The good ramen. Which, I pin over on Pinterest… so come find me over there.  And now the good ramen can go in my Unicorn Ramen Bowl and work with the Unicorn Diffuser and the Unicorn Tea Set to help me feel better.

Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl

I am hoping you spent your holidays healthy, but if not, hopefully these Unicorns can help you beat the crud! I am sure they will help me once they arrive!! Come check me out over on Instagram to find out!!

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