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Pens for your Bullet Journal

This week in our Bullet Journal group we have been talking a bit about pens! Which, we all know we love pens and that I might have a pen problem! The good thing about my pen problem is that I can try out tons, see how they all work and let you know if something is amazing or something sucks!! So, let’s talk a bit about pens for your bullet journal and see where it leads us!


Purple Pens Bullet Journal

We are going to start with these pens, they are fun and most are pretty good depending on your level of tolerance for bleeding and such! From Left to right we have a Fine Point Sharpie, a dual tip Brush Pen, a Zebra Midliner, a Staedtler Fineliner, a Crayloa Dual Tip Pen — they call it a “super tip” and, a regular purple sharpie.

Tell me about the pen bleed!

The Sharpies bleed the most, so if you want to use sharpies as your pen options for your planner or bullet journal, you will want to make sure you have the VERY heavy weight paper! The Brush tips bleed to most after the sharpies and the Zebra Midliners and Staedtler Finliners bleed the least.

What do you use all of these pens for??

Well, the fine point pens, like the ultra fine point sharpie and Staedtler Fineliner are for writing and detail work. When you see those cute little icon drawings in Bullet Journals, they probably used a fine line pen to make it!

The Zebra Midliners are great for highlighting on thin pages and for drawing light designs, I love them for color coordinating schedules!!!

The brush tip and super tip pens are awesome for Hand Lettering and Calligraphy. I seem to prefer the firmer tips on the brush pens. The softer tips I push too much on and they get really weak really quickly!

What do I use??

So, it comes down to what I think is the most important pens to have for your bullet journal — Staedtler Fineliners, Zebra Midliners and some good brush pens! That is all:) If you have thicker paper — stick with the sharpies! They are still some of my most favorite pens.

Coming Up

Stay tuned for review posts on pens I have been trying out! Some of the pens out there are amazing and easy to work with, making it easier to do the hand lettering, and some of them make you just want to give up!

Next week we will be talking paper and looking more at what pens bleed through what paper and what to look for to find the right pen and paper for your needs! Come over and join us in our awesome group!!!


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