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Pinterest Tips and Tricks!!

Hey guys!! Did you know that I LOOOOOVVVVEEE Pinterest?? Like, 11,000 pins love Pinterest. I remember waiting to receive my invite when it first launched and hoping that I would like it! And boy, do I ever!! And I used it for YEARS as a user, but then I started a business, and a blog and I had to learn how to use it as a business user! I went through a BUNCH of trial and error and learned lots of cool things through that trial and error and a training or two. Let’s talk about those Pinterest Tips and Tricks I have for you!

Before we get started — come join me over on Pinterest! I pin all the fun things like fashion, bullet journals, coffee meme’s and unicorn things!!

Ok, you have followed me and are getting some amazing content! Let’s get into the nitty gritty of some Pinterest Tips and Tricks!

Pinnable images!

Pinterest Tips & Tricks, come learn the things I have learned moving my personal Pinterest into a business PInterest profile!

Yes, pinnable is a word… I say so even though my editing app says no. Moving on.. Pinterest users love LONG images! I really have not looked into why — maybe it is because they look better in the feed?? I am not sure! But, I use 735 x 1104 pixels. Those images can junk up your blog post, so I learned how to hide them! When you put the image into your blog post put <div style=”display:none;”> before the image code… then after put </div>. So, now I have one image at the top of my blog post and a few more hidden in the post for people to choose from when they pin! You can check out this post and pin it to see the hidden images!!

Board Covers

Did you know you can pick a pin to be a board cover??? On my boards I have board covers that show what you can find in the board! Pinterest recently changed how this works so you have to do it a specific way to make sure they show up correctly and not zoomed in or all wonky!

I use a 1080×1080 pixel size image for my board covers, then you pin in by uploading it. Then, from your front page where you can see all your boards – hover over the board, click on the “pencil” in the lower right hand corner and change the cover photo. If you do this anywhere else the image gets all messed up… I don’t know why. Pinterest has a lot of secret ways I can’t even begin to crack!

Where did the Re-Pins go??

If you are like me, you track your pins to see how they are doing and who is re-pinning what and where it is getting re-pinned from and to and everything you need to know to be more effective for your business on Pinterest. And then, the repin counter disappeared from the pins!!! WHAT?!?!?!? Where did it go?? Well, if you have a business account on Pinterest, you can see the analytics for each of the pins YOU pin. So, click on the pin and click the bar graph and you see something like this! I found this last night (I WAS SO EXCITED I HAD TO TELL YOU RIGHT AWAY) and you had to click to see anything. The this morning my pins changed again and I can see more directly on the pin. Now hovering over the pin I can click the bar graph and see the analytics and without hovering I can see the total engagements on a pin. This is not your total repin number. It is the total engagements and you can only see it after it has been on Pinterest for at least 36 hours. What are engagements on Pinterest?? Well, they include re-pins, clicks and the number of times people click through to the website!

Tools that Help with Pinterest

Pinning for business can be a full time job! You have to be re-pinning and looping and doing all sorts of crazy things with your pins. But, There are quite a few tools I use to make it all easier!!

First, I use Tailwind to get my pins scheduled and going out on a consistent basis! Gotta keep your Pinterest presence fresh! There are free to paid plans, so you can pick what works the best for you! Tailwind has the added bonus of Tribes where you can get your pins in front of new people that can pin them and some additional analytics you can’t get through Pinterest!

Then, I use BoardBooster to help with the looping! It brings old pins from my website to the front of my boards for more top of mind awareness and to get those pins in front of new eyes that might not have seen them the first time!

Then, if you use CinchShare for your Instagram & Facebook, which really you should if you aren’t yet, you can look at your history and pin those posts to Pinterest! This is a great way to get new posts in front of more people. You NEVER KNOW what people will respond to the most, in fact, my most pinned pin is one I made quickly when I first started making graphics for my business and it has been re-pinned SO MANY TIMES and I think it is a horrible graphic!

Grab some of those tools — they all offer a free trial, and I cannot do any of it without them!!

Pinterest Training

Finally, I cannot recommend the Pinterest Training from The Socialite Suite enough! It is was initially got me to move my Pinterest account to a business account and learning about all sorts of things like how to pin to gain followers and funnel them to my sales portal… now with #hashtags!!!

Well… There you go! Tips and Tricks for Pinterest with some bonus apps and trainings I have loved through my Pinterest journey! Remeber to go find me over on Pinterest!! I do follow back:)

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