Long Time, No See

It has been at least a year since I have even looked at my blog, let alone posted on it. Some things have been going on and now that life is settling down a bit, I am ready to get back to sharing with you all. The like 5 of you left who might see this 😉

In the last few years I have graduated one child, and another will graduate this coming spring. I have divorced, moved into my own place (with Penny and the kids) and really stayed exploring who I am and who I want to be.

My new house is super tiny, but also super cute. I have made it home in a few short months and I am excited to be there for a bit! Right now I am renting, but I might buy again some day. I also kind of like just texting the landlord when something breaks instead of me fixing it.

We will talk more about fashion, and knitting, and I am sure divorce. I have lots of thoughts about relationships and divorce and such right now so I am sure that will come up in my writing.

I still bullet journal, and love drawing on my iPad instead of real paper. I

I am ready to get back to blogging in a serious manner, once upon a time I had a blog for knitting that I loved and I loved writing, now I can do that again with a renewed focus.

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