Welcome to Unicorns in my Coffee!

If you love coffee, yarn and fashion you have found your place in the internets. Follow along for styling ideas, random knitting and of course coffee time!

What about me? Tami? Well, I live in Boise, ID and love it — I have lived here since I was 9:) I work for a local education non-profit and play with fashion on the side. I have degrees (yes, multiple) in Early Childhood Education and spend my days with preschool teachers and planning fun trainings to do with them!

I have two teenagers — Anders is 20 and Juno is 18. They are both pretty amazing. We (I) like to joke that Anders is the true 20 year old boy stereotype, he lives in my basement and plays video games. He works as a prep cook at a local breakfast place. Juno graduated High School this year, so we are in the throes of beginning college and all of that fun. Juno is also non-binary, a cos-player and just all around cool kid.

We live in this super tiny house on the Boise Bench with Penny the Puppy (who is 4, but will always be Penny the Puppy) and my Harry Potter Library… don’t worry, that will be a blog post once it is complete.

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