• Come over and check out my PInterest Tips & Tricks! www.unicornsinmycoffee.com

    Pinterest Tips and Tricks!!

    Hey guys!! Did you know that I LOOOOOVVVVEEE Pinterest?? Like, 11,000 pins love Pinterest. I remember waiting to receive my invite when it first launched and hoping that I would like it! And boy, do I ever!! And I used it for YEARS as a user, but then I started a business, and a blog […]

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    December 20, 2017 By Tami
  • Gifts for Windy, my Flamingo Bestie

    Top 7 Gifts for the Flamingo Lover

    Today is the birthday of a good friend and she is a Flamingo Lover! So, it was super easy to come up with a list of gifts I could send her… but of course I found out about her birthday yesterday… and the mail is just not quite fast enough to get from Boise to […]

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    December 9, 2017 By Tami
  • I am thankful for

    November Thankfulness All Year Long

    I love the November Thankfulness posts that fill up my Facebook Newsfeed. Something about people being intentionally thankful for the things in their lives is just inspiring. That is one of the reasons I love my bullet journal, I can add in that Bullet Journal Gratitude Log to have November Thankfulness all year long!!! I […]

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    November 1, 2017 By Tami
  • Dia & Co Box Review: Box 1

    I have been jealously eyeing all of my smaller friends who have been able to get stitch fix for a while and wanting something for myself too! Enter Dia & Co, the style box for plus sizes! I tried it out to tell you about it:) This is my Dia & Co Box Review for […]

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    June 19, 2017 By Tami
  • Bullet Journal for Training Notes

    Bullet Journal for Training

    Last week we talked social media bullet journals, this week it is all about using a bullet journal for training notes! As direct sellers, we take a lot of professional development courses. Training calls and conventions and videos from our company, training from our uplines and other training we seek out. It can be overwhelming […]

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    June 14, 2017 By Tami
  • Bullet Journal BuJo Social Media Planner

    Bullet Journal for my Social Media Plans

    Well, something happened the other day that I did not expect! I was super excited and posted about my bullet journal layout I made for my social media planning in a social media group I am in. The post went crazy… the admin of the group shared it into the larger group and people were […]

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    June 8, 2017 By Tami
  • Plus Size Pencil Skirt: OOTD

    Oh, the Pencil skirt… I hear from people of all shapes and sizes that the pencil skirt just doesn’t work for them. Well, I think you would be surprised if you try one on! I never thought I would love it either, but this plus sized girl has a favorite skirt and it’s not the […]

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    April 24, 2017 By Tami
  • Thrift Store Skirts with Converse

    Skirts with Converse: OOTD

    Someone asked me the other day if it was in fashion to wear skirts with Converse, or dresses and Converse. To which I replied, of course! Converse shoes have a way of dressing down the skirt to wear every day — and they are way more comfortable than heels. Converse come in enough colors that […]

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    April 21, 2017 By Tami
  • How Do I manage my busy schedule

    How I Manage My Busy Schedule

    Schedules… when you have to manage your own schedule it can be rough. Managing others schedule, in addition to my own, is almost impossible! Then things happen that make it all go out the window. How do I manage my busy schedule with busy teenagers and how do I handle it when things get thrown […]

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    April 19, 2017 By Tami
  • How Do I selfie Featured Photo

    How Do I Do It: OOTD Photos

    I take a lot of Outfit of the Day (OOTD) photos. A lot. OOTD photos can be time consuming when you do them by yourself… and you end up with lots of them that you don’t like. I cannot tell you how many photos I have deleted because my eyes were closing or something looked […]

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    March 8, 2017 By Tami