Tools are important when bullet journaling. These are my favorites! Come check them out and join us in exploring bullet journals.

Bullet Journal Toolbox

Having the tools for your Bullet Journal is important! Everyone has their own preferences, this toolbox shows you what I love and what my group loves to use:)

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Bullet Journals

There is a bullet journal for everyone! We discuss this a lot in my group actually…Here are the bullet journal we all love!

We love this Get Shit Done Bullet Journal

I love the Moleskine Journals

Spiral Bound your thing? The Ghost Journal is pretty awesome

Do you want thicker paper… We have one for that too! Can you say 120gsm paper!!


One reason I got into Bullet Journals was because I love office supplies… No, wait, it was because I needed to be organized! Pens help with this because they make it pretty:)

This is my favorite set of on the go pens… I keep one of these in my Bullet Journal Bag for use while I am waiting for the kids, or wasting time or some other not at home but have a few minutes thing:)

Do you want a lot of colors?? This is the set for you!

This is my personal favorite set of pens... Just enough colors there is quite a bit of variety, they write so amazingly well and everything… I just love them!

You also could use a set of brush pens… and Tombow makes some amazing ones!

And these… They are amazing for light highlighting without the bleed through!!

Are you ready to Hand Letter… This Calligraphy Set is awesome!!

This beginning lettering set is another good option for starting the hand lettering journey!!


Other Stuff…

Washi Tape! It is great for decorating, covering mistakes and marking your index:)

Small Rulers to travel with and make sure your lines are straight…


Hey… We all need some resources! Learn all about the bullet journals and make some new friends too…

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